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Concepts of technology

The Concept of Technology
For education, technology is a complement between knowledge and the tools that facilitate teaching and learning. It is important that the teacher implements the technology correctly so that students can achieve their goals. The transfer of knowledge must be based on different resources and be at the vanguard.
ICTs in Education
ICT are applications that permit the student to develop a high-level learning, broadens the field of action, and promotes the learning out of classroom and the student’s self-sufficiency.
The teacher must evaluate the class to implement strategies that are in agreement with the students and their knowledge.
The Use of Technology in English Teaching and Learning
Specifically in the teaching of a second language the student must use multimedia technology, making the teacher is aware of all technological advances. The technology promotes   students' communicative skills and makes learning more flexible.
However, this technology must be well targeted because the student can use it for fun.
The Advantages of Information Technology in Teaching English
The technology allows the teacher to use other strategies as audio tapes and Walkmans in teaching a second language.
Today these have changed; the Internet and laptops gives access to an unlimited world of knowledge because now everybody can learn from anywhere and at any time.
The Impact of Using Technology

Technology has an influence on listening, writing, speaking and reading. Thus it can be said that technology is necessary for teaching a second language, but it will never replace the teacher. It is a collective work where the beneficiary is the student and technology is the tool.

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The Concept of Technology:
Technology can be defined as the set of knowledge and techniques that, applied in a logical and orderly way, it can be human to modify its material or virtual environment to satisfy its needs, that is, a combined process of thought and action with the purpose of creating useful solutions to transform our environment.

ICTs in Education:
Currently, Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are used in education in the teaching-learning process to support, facilitate, motivate students and teachers. All resources, educational tools, and programs that are used to process, (hardware and software), systematic planning manage and share information through various technological supports, such as computers, projectors, mobile phones, televisions,     portable audio and video players, game consoles, etc.

The Use of Technology in English Teaching and Learning.
In recent years, ICTs have played an important role in English language teaching and are used in a variety of activities such as:  CD-Players, tap-recorders, use of computer reading-based programs, courseware, creating video tutorials, animation effect, discussion forum, using voice recognition programs to check a student's pronunciation level, pages Web with interactive exercises, where the motivational didactic materials that are taught focus on developing and strengthening in this area of knowledge.

The Advantages of Information Technology in Teaching English.
The advantages in the teaching of English involving the information technologies are the following:
* Accessibility of materials and information.
* It offers interactivity, instantaneity, automation of tasks; we can found video conferencing, multimedia presentation.
* Motivation in the teaching-learning process since with the resources and didactic material that includes: audio, video, graphics, listening drills, text, collaborative document editing, email messaging programs, broadcasting chatting, cloud computing, electronic dictionaries, electronic workbooks, etc.
* Meaningful learning, strengthening the initiative, learning at its own pace, to be able to apply knowledge management software, libraries with a digital database, spelling check utilities,
* More effective development of the 4 skills in English, reading, writing, listening, speaking. etc.
The Impact of Using Technology
The impact of technology on English language teaching can be highlighted as follows:
* The communicative or functional approach, which considers that the learning process is not simply the domain of the language, but also its appropriate use for communicative purposes.
* It does not focus only on the grammatical translation approach, focused only on the learning of text translation; I would not consider the language aspect of communication. But it involves developing speech skills, for example when the student develops a video, listening when the student. performs listening compression, voice recognition exercises to practice phonetics.

* The audiolingual approach, characterized by guiding language learning and emphasizing the development of oral dexterity and co-operative learning and teaching.

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Defining the Concepts of Technology and Technology Transfer: A Literature Analysis:
Talking about technology is to link resources like: set of knowledge, raw materials, techniques, processes, upgrade or renewal whether of a product or in a context allowing to solve a problem or improve a situation   and this is where comes the transfer of technology as this transfer it is done in order to update or improve taking into account the resources named.

Integration of Information and Communication Technologies in Enhancing Teaching and Learning
The integration of ICT in teaching has not been an immediate process since we are a generation that was educated without digital tools and adapt to it and make a correct use takes its time since as teachers we know that we are a previous generation digital natives and We must update ourselves and be able to make ICT a way to facilitate teaching despite our fears and insecurity in the process of adaptation.

“Use of Technology in English Language Teaching and Learning”: An Analysis.
Technology in teaching English has allowed the teacher to be more recursive to design different classes in such a way that it makes it more attractive for the students, because it has a number of digital tools facilitating what you want to teach, however this does not mean that the teacher neglects his role since you cannot just rely on technology, it is necessary that I make an efficient use of this.

The Advantages of Information Technology in Teaching English Language
I think the technology in teaching and learning has been inclusive because people can continue their studies regardless of their age, place of residence and working hours, technology has allowed constant communication between students, between students - teacher, teacher - parent of family and others.   Technology has allowed shortening distances since in real time you can talk and see who you are talking to; work collaboratively either asynchronously or synchronously.

The Impact of Using Technology in Teaching English as a Second Language
Today more than a desire has become a necessity wanting to learn English, which has made the impact of technology in teaching English as a second language is very significant since the proper use of digital tools has allowed more and more people to be interested in learning English and not just because of the ease and have access to all these tools but by how students, they also succeed in developing the language skills crucial in this language.

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The Concept of Technology.
The concept of technology in not easy for understand and it has a great meaning.
The technology involved many things, create new results, resolving problems. Give solutions for increase the abilities for made simple things. It understands not only what is found in a product but how it is used the term technology has been studied for different personalities and in the history has been much meaning. First, it has related to the industry and the production, next in 1996 take in hand that the technology is a cognitive process in the last year the concept it has evolved and it is defined as the technical information is associated with the production and deep concepts About development and evolution.

ICTs in Education
Nowadays is very important know that the develop in new technologies made necessary advance in recent points of view for teaching and to build the educative process in which the student learn anywhere and anytime. Is necessary increase the academic process, the didactic and methodologies, because the TICS are a power tool that permits advance in knowledge’s and this need the solid supports for teaching.

The Use of Technology in English Teaching and Learning
The Tics and teaching and Learning are connected, the English idiom is used nowadays in a different context and is necessary to use it, the teachers get a good tool for teaching trough multimedia's tools, and the students must have knowledge to make use of the new technology.
There are many resources for teaching English with multimedia tools. The video, music, films, songs and the traditional methods for teaching are very important and do not forget, and the use of the technology is necessary for use this in the better form.

The Advantages of Information Technology in Teaching English
The Technology in teaching English evolved a new concept of  learning and is evident that is possible create new methods for speaking or listening different in relation to  the traditional method as  the direct method and Audio-Lingual method, The use of the Multimedia for learning English as presentations, video conference, collaborative documents, games, tablets, personal computer, cellphones and apps, change the methods and increase the interactivity and create new opportunities for students in rural places and persons without time, the internet is a tool for advantage  the access in real time and connection with another person’s and do activities online.

The Impact of Using Technology
The role of the teachers and the students in the use of new technology tools, can make the learning process success, the language is developed in the four abilities: speaking, reading, listening and writing. The students should be  competent with using computers internet and the use of the new technologies and the investigations had demonstrated that the learning English is better with the use the technology tools and is a goal for teachers and students to know this tools and to increase your knowledge in this.

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The Concept of Technology
In my concept Technology is established as a result of the transformations of history and its culture, as a consequence of a society in evolution and often with information of little impact; But it appears as the central formation of people through their interaction with the environment. Its field at the general formative level lies in sustaining TIC.

ICTs in Education
TIC have become basic pillars in society and today it is necessary to educate man in the face of this reality; You cannot understand the world today without a minimum of computer culture, should be integrated into education by contemplating it at all levels of education. During his knowledge, it is necessary to understand how it is generated, how it is stored, how it is transformed, how it is transmitted and how information is accessed in its multiple manifestations; Its purpose is that it serves to learn and to teach the subjects in a practical way.

The Use of Technology in English Teaching and Learning
 I think that over the years it has become necessary to use technology to teach and learn English as a foreign language, since there are applications ready to be used by the student and therefore allows him to practice specific aspects of a tongue. This learning tool provides the teacher and the student with a synchronous and asynchronous communication, promoting autonomy in the student. Teachers should take advantage of the advantages of technologies, but without encoding all the success of the classes. To this end, the support of experience and love for the vocation of English teaching continues to be necessary.

The Advantages of Information Technology in Teaching English
Information technologies provide easy and fast access to the use of real and current English language materials, which is motivating for the student; their tools provide not only written texts but also the means for interactive communication up to with native people.
Therefore, the student is able to read, write, speak, listen and react in front of a conversation. Thanks to these tools the teacher can offer individual and personalized orientation to the students.

The Impact of Using Technology
Technology is the instrument by means of which human beings satisfy physical or social needs, this means that with the development of technology it is almost impossible to separate scientific and technical knowledge from the market and industrial production. This interaction between man and technology becomes a necessity transformed into desire and consumption .Its use is not always bad and it is used with responsibility.

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